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Why SEO Host?

  • Lowest Prices, Highest Quality

    For years most webmasters were unable to build web networks because of heavily priced C Class IPs. Companies have been taking advantage of monopoly in the market and ripping off clients only because they didn’t have a choice, until now…

    No worries anymore, SEO host is here offering affordable SEO hosting solutions to webmasters to turbocharge their SEO campaigns. With prices so low, no competitor will ever be able to get close (less than half of current prevalent prices per C Class IP) and the best thing being, we don’t make you pay in advance for a hundred years for a better deal.

  • Complete Control & Full Flexibility

    The biggest problem that comes with large website networks is messy management. Keeping a track of so many websites and storing login credentials of them all separately becomes a real pain.

    SEO host to the rescue again! To spare you from punishing yourself with all the headaches we put all your accounts in one single WHM control panel! All you have to do is, simply login to your command center and start working on your websites.

  • Your One Stop Shop

    Having multiple providers hosting each of your websites becomes a major pain in the buttocks. Dealing with 1 host often becomes a major problem for most people, imagine having to deal with numerous. Paying so many hosting bills at the end of the month, Saving so many login credentials, so many different support technicians to talk to etc. All of this adds up to give you sleepless nights.

    SEO host is your single full service SEO hosting solution provider. With just one entity to deal with, your work will become a lot more simpler.

  • Host Unlimited Domains on your IPs

    We don’t try limiting your growth like other hosts do. You can host as many websites as you want with us on the same package, we have no problems with that! It doesn’t matter if you purchase 5 C Class IPs or 50, you can host as many domains on those IPs as you wish to.

  • Each C Class IP gets its own Nameservers

    Most people tend to overlook this. Having the same Nameservers for all your domains can ruin the SEO value they hold. Interlinking websites with same Nameservers does ring bells and trigger filters hence rendering all your efforts useless.

    SEO host offers different Nameservers for each C Class IP. This means you can manage all your websites at absolute ease without having to worry about having them penalized.

  • Each C Class Has its Own rDNS

    Most people don’t even know about rDNS and overlook this however, SEO host pays utmost attention to even the smallest factors. You can rest assured that your back is covered when you’re with us. Setting separate rDNS on each IP address is not only important but vital for preserving the SEO value of your websites.

    Let’s see it this way, if all your websites are hosted on separate C Class IPs having different Nameservers, however, if the rDNS is common for all, it would certainly trigger Search Engine filters and get all your websites penalized.

    We are equally concerned about your websites as you are and hence pay attention to the minutest details because we believe your success is our success.

  • Automated Script Installer and Site builder

    Our online comprehensive site builder and easy to use automated script installer will help you with instantaneous development for all your blogs, ecommerce and scripting purposes. Your control panel has never been more user friendlier than this.

  • Absolute 24/7 Support

    We are not your average hosting vendor. We have a team of dedicated technicians and staff that want to see you reach the results that you have always desired. This is why we have provided our clientele with 27/4 Online Support where our technicians, sales representatives and analysts will go beyond the call of duty to assist you in your requirements.

    So that's why we offer competent support 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (occasionaly 366), holidays, middle of the night or after sleeping on the couch. No excuses.

  • One and Only Reseller SEO Hosting Provider

    SEO host is currently the single SEO hosting reseller provider. Completely Private Label reseller SEO hosting so your clients won’t know where you get your IPs from.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    30 Days is more than enough to understand the depth of our service. For some odd reason, if you are unsatisfied with our service, we shall be happy to refund your money. No procedures, No questions, No long waits. All you have to do is say, “I WANT A REFUND” and within hours, YOU’LL GET A REFUND.