New Developments

There are times when we need to revamp ourselves. At SEOHost.Com, we are constantly trying to push ourselves to the limit and try to give our customers the best of services in Multiple C Class IP Hosting. This is why we have decided to tweak around with the portal and make a few changes. If you are experiencing a few connection difficulties, kindly bear with us as we are developing a new interface to serve you better. The new interface will be faster, smoother and much better than ever before. This means that you will have a faster connection to any page that you need to go. We are sliding up previews on the main page so as to give you an idea on what is happening in the developments of our company.

We have also rebranded our SEO Hosting services so as to offer our customers a better rate and feasible option from them to opt from. We are also in the midst of adding new reseller packages and virtual private servers to help our customers become trustworthy webmasters. There are a couple of new pages that you can read and it will help you understand which one will suit you the best. If you have not yet noticed, there is a tabbed panel at the top of the home page that allows you to directly log-in and connect to the WHM. This should be easier for you to connect to your backend instantaneously.

Apart from the design and articulate aspects of the SEO Hosting portal, we have also added a new division of man power to handle our servers. We have done this with the sole intention of being able to give people a more robust form of service as we have seen more number of webmasters wanting to opt for SEO Hosting. If there are any queries that you need answered, do contact us at the earliest so that we can help you rectify your problems.

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